About CAB Theatre

CAB Theatre was imagined by a group of four colleagues active in the theatre community in South Central Wisconsin, with a vision of creating a theatre company that provided opportunities to perform, write, direct and teach creative theater in addition to what was currently being provided by other theatres within the community. Not intended to be in competition with other theatre groups but rather in synergy with them to complement what their programs could not provide, CAB was not designed to put on large-scale musical productions, nor large youth theatre productions. Rather, CAB strives to help encourage people new to different aspects of the theater to gain experience and skills in an inclusive and nurturing environment.

CAB officially formed its first board of directors and began functioning as a not-for-profit in the state of Wisconsin in 2012. Its bylaws were formed in incorporated in 2012. CAB finally obtained its federal 501c3 tax exempt not-for-profit status in March of 2015.


CAB Theatre’s mission is to: provide unique and inclusive creative theatre opportunities which build skills and inspire artistic expression in our South Central Wisconsin community. 


Through our mission based work, CAB’s vision is for: A more inclusive, engaged, and creatively expressive community through theatre.

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