Thursday, April 20, 2017

Take a trolley to CAB Confessions!

Next up: CAB Confessions
Produced by Creative Alliance of Baraboo CAB Theatre at Circus World Museum, Water Street, Baraboo
Performances: Thursday, Friday and Saturday, May 4-6, 2017
7 p.m. 
Free admission

Or, on Thursday night only, take a trolley ride with Dells Trolley Service, from the Dells to Circus World. Enjoy trivia, games and prizes on the way over, and a free drink coupon upon arrival! Dells Trolley will be sure to get you back to your car after the show - all for just $45!

Or, you can make a donation to help support our costs:

Donate to your heart's content!
The winning plays for CAB Confessions: 
A Husband's Secrets by Ben Bromley
Ariel In Fear And Trembling by Kelly Dwyer
Blue Ribbon Pie by Jessica Elsing
A Game of Secrets by Jesse Garon
The Man Who Said Too Much by Scott Kindschi
One Foot In by John Markestad
What We Remember by Lonnie McGuire
Monologues by Scott Rawson
Hashtag Fabulous by Rhonda Siebecker


Friday, April 7, 2017

Donate to Teens n Theatre!

Support our TnT Teens and the great work that they're doing. Any donation helps - $5, $10, $25, $500!

For more information, see our Teens n Theatre page.


Monday, April 3, 2017

Improv Workshop with CAB!

Improv Workshops with CAB! Sadly our improv class has been postponed, because our fabulously talented instructor has booked a professional acting job for the summer! Stay tuned here - we hope to be able to reschedule in the fall!

CAB Improv It's wild! It's exciting! It's acting without a safety net! It's CAB Improv!

In the custom of Second City and The Groundlings, CAB Improv continues the tradition of creating captivating scenes using only the imaginations and skill of the actors involved. CAB co-founder Scott Kindschi has guided the troop of troubled troubadours since CAB's creation, and over the years, the "Improv-ers" have performed for thousands of delighted observers in the Baraboo area.

A fixture at Baraboo's Faires on the Square, CAB Improv has performed in the Baraboo Christmas Parade, at UW-Baraboo's Summerset festival, at the Public Library, at the Al. Ringling Theatre (with Tom Farley!), and during the Circus Parade. One thing's for certain: you never know where they'll show up or what they'll say or do next!

If you'd like to participate in CAB Improv's feats of derring-do, please contact us!