CABin Fever

Wisconsin is COLD in the winter. We who live in this tundra tend to spend the long, dark evenings at home indoors. Is it to prevent "cabin fever" that we hold our biggest fundraiser/show during the coldest time of the year? Or have our crazy ideas for this show been the result of "cabin fever"? All we know is that as long as Wisconsin experiences winter and small theatre companies struggle to remain afloat, we will hold a "Male Beauty Pageant", an "80s Prom", a "CAB Sullivan Variety Show", and "Baraboo's Got Talent", as well as other quirky fun(d)-raising events!

In 2018 CAB combined CABin Fever with our Stand-Up Comedy night - for CABin Fever Comedy! Now, the fourth installment of this wildly popular show!

CABin Fever Comedy!

(Mostly) locally grown, 
hand-harvested humor!
Friday night, September 20th 7pm
Glacier Rock Convention Center at the Clarion Hotel
630 West Pine St./Hwy 12, Baraboo
$15 at the door
No host bar available

Contact us with questions:
(608) 620-5165

If you'd like to be on the planning committee, or if you're interested in auditioning, please contact us for more information.