The CAB Drivers

Our Team

Danny Beard: Our faithful board president, Danny is fairly new to theatre, having been involved behind the scenes with both CAB and Baraboo Theatre Guild for the past 5 to 6 years. Not an actor, he designs and builds sets for plays, though he’s also been a set-builder-in-wolf’s-clothing in a MaCABre production, as well as associate producer of the first ever CAB House Play. He is a part of the Teens N Theatre oversight committee.

Alec Parsons: Network computer geek by day and theatre geek at night, Alec is our resident Englishman and spent many years in community radio and local BBC radio in the UK. Since moving to the USA some 16 years ago he has been on stage in numerous productions in Portage, and Baraboo for CAB, Baraboo Theatre Guild and Portage Area Community Theatre including Life with Mother Superior, The Great Nursing Home Escape, Cash on Delivery, MaCABre and Rumors. He has also directed several shows including The Rocky Horror Show, Fishwrap and, most recently, Wrong Window. Alec loves to be involved in all aspects of theatre and says he is happy to play any part, just don't ask him to sing. He claims he has the perfect voice for silent movies! Alec serves as our Vice President.

Bev Choutka: Serving as CAB's secretary, Bev is always busy, not only with all of her jobs, but Bev's biggest extracurricular activity is that she loves being involved in theatre. Bev is involved with Zona Gale Young People's Theatre at Portage Center for the Arts. She loves being part of ZGYPT because through theatre, young people learn to see reality in a new way and to revise prejudices. Being part of the world of drama, young people become empowered to shape and re-shape their lives. As the "Stage Mom", she especially enjoys seeing her young people grow, mature, and develop paths for their future through theatre. She is also involved with the Portage Center for the Arts and their Performing Arts Series. She sits on the board with Portage Area Community Theatre, and has been involved with Portage High School musicals for 3 years. Bev says working behind the scenes is as rewarding as it is challenging and she enjoys bringing quality live theatre to the community.

Molly Maslin Arbogast: Holding a virtually useless Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts, Molly still plays in theatre (Lombardi, Grease and Nunsense at the Palace Theater, W;t, and Spring Awakening at University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County), and has a sordid history in television (Judging Amy), film (Idle Hands) and commercials (third pomegranate picker for Pom Juice, starry-eyed young lover in political re-election campaign, political party to remain unnamed). A founding member of RAVE Theatre and VIP Productions, Molly now serves as a CAB Theatre's Communications and Membership Coordinator, as well as on the TnT Oversight Committee. She has also performed for CAB, embarrassed her family as a member of The Improv Lab, stand-up comedy, written original works, and heads up, produces, directs and stars in House Plays.

Scott Rawson: A founding member and current Artistic Director of CAB this is the second theater company Scott has begun, the other being R.A.V.E. (Rogues and Vagabonds Entertainment) which was sold. Scott's theatrical background began in Madison at Broom Street Theater. He acted in several plays, wrote and directed a couple more and then went on to co-write yet a few others. He was embraced by the theater community here in Baraboo, and has made that his permanent base. He works for the Veterans Museum out of Madison on numerous occasions, engaging in their autumn school project of Cemetery tours. He has been featured in many independent and commercial films. Scott currently is the Director for both youth workshops; Play in a weekend and Teens n Theater, as well as Showtime Youth Musical Theatre. Scott has written and directed for CAB's nights of original works, and is the founder of The Improv Lab.

Erica Cochrane: Bringing her stupendous talent for wearing many hats, Erica is unofficially CAB’s grant manager and strategic planning facilitator. Erica is most involved in CAB’s youth theatre work as an integral team member to Play in a Weekend, Teens N Theatre, and Showtime Youth Musical Theatre; however, she can often be seen on stage, as part of The Improve Lab, in the light booth, or otherwise running around trying (pretending?) to be helpful at other CAB events. Erica grew up in the Madison theatre community and majored in drama at the University of California… for a semester, at which point she decided to be a serious conservation biologist and save large charismatic megafauna instead of prance around on stage. About 5 years ago, after a 20-year hiatus, Erica found home again with her theatre peeps in the Baraboo community.

Jessa Elsing started with a love of movies at the tender age of 5 reviewing 80’s classics to her room of stuffed animals. A short hop, skip and jump to grade school she participated in The Sauk Prairie Theater Guilds production of Oliver! and several middle school musicals. Moving behind the scenes in High School, because you know, irrational fears and puberty, she worked on set design. Jessica worked throughout high school and college at Bonham Theatre in Sauk Prairie which created a new appreciation for movies, unaccompanied children, spitballs and broken film. She has an Associates in Visual Communications and worked in web design, video editing and photography. She currently co-owns the best smoothie shop in the world, the Green Vine in downtown Baraboo. Years went by and as any adult, stopped caring what anyone thinks of her, dove back into theater with CAB one act play productions. Working under other CAB gurus, she was encouraged to write and direct for CAB. She also plays with The Improv Lab. She is looking forward to participating as a CAB board member.